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WEDI Announces 2007 Award Program Recipients



PRESTON, VA- October 16, 2007 -WEDI has announced the recipients for its 2007 Awards Program.  This program identifies and recognizes individuals and organizations in the healthcare industry whose achievements have contributed significantly to the advancement of WEDI's mission.  The awards will be presented during the Annual Member Meeting in Orlando, FL as part of the WEDI Fall Conference.


The 2007 Award recipients are as follows


Distinguished Service Award:

This award recognizes individuals who have provided significant leadership to the fulfillment of the mission, objectives, programs and overall volunteer activities of WEDI, WEDI NPIOI and/or WEDI SNIP through participation in committees, workgroups, PAGs, Board of Directors, etc.

     Lesley Berkeyheiser


WEDI Award of Merit:

This award recognizes individuals who have contributed in a meaningful way to the success of WEDI, WEDI NPIOI and/or WEDI SNIP programs and activities through their volunteer commitment and talents.

     Mark Cone



WEDI, a broad based healthcare industry coalition, brings together a consortium of leaders within the healthcare industry to identify practical strategies for reducing administrative costs in healthcare through the implementation of EDI.  WEDI’s mission is to provide leadership and guidance to the healthcare industry on how to use and leverage the industry’s collective knowledge, expertise and information resources to improve the quality, affordability and availability of healthcare.


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